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One of every 10 persons who appeal esthetics treatments does it because of the new fashion for selfies or the pressure of people’s comment on social networks. And the idea of having a marked abdomen really excite them, believe me!

People, their opinions and more opinions… sounds familiar?

Each person is totally free to do with their body whatever they feel like. And the truth is that when physical exercise is not enough, aesthetic medicine can help you. There is always an answer.

Each week, we see dozens of desperate persons, tired of killing themselves exercising at the gym. They’re people like you and I, with a very respectful dream : to feel good in their own body.

I perfectly remember what Luis, a joyful sportsman, told me a few days after he had left the clinic : “THIS was the six pack I was dreaming of, and now it’s a dream come true!”

That might be hard for you to understand, or maybe not if you are here, but in the world of aesthetic medicine, emotions are constantly running high : people cry while asking for help and support.

Letting you go pretty and healthy is all we can promise.

Having the proper weight does not necessarily mean having an harmonious figure. And the abdominal zone is one of the most complicated to build, due to the amount of fat accumulated there. Getting rid of the fat localized in this specific zone requests a huge sacrifice, meaning going through very specific and continuous exercises and a balanced diet, and maybe some complements along the way.

⭐So, is There a way I can define my ABS?


Yes, there is a way! The process to mark your abs does exist, and it is known as abdominal marking, belonging to liposculpture technique.

Its fame is running as light speed, specially between people under 40 years old. And everything is due to its inmediate results, plus it is a soft technique, non violent or invasive for your body.

This technique’s main goal is to remove fat in order to improve muscual porcentage and furthermore, marking the musles of the treated area. But, notice, the way of proceeding with this abdominal marking is totally different if the pacient is famale or male.

  • Men usually go for a complete six pack treatment, they love a chocolate bar!
  • Women often go for a subtle abdominal marking, just to enhance their wasp waist.

One of the things that make this technique so demmanded, even in perfect bodies, is that it allows the doctor to work on the tummy perfectly and very precisely. Amazingly, it achieves what exercising does not achieve.

How is this perfomed?

The abdominal marking without surgery is done with lazer. Normally, it is done with the pacient under general anaesthesia. Just in small touches up, the patient can undergo the treatment with local anaesthesia.

The procedure begins with a liposuction session in all your tummy, and it is done in within 1-4 hours. This time can change regarding the patient’s skin, body fat, etc.

The abdominal marking technique is performed making really small incisions, that cannot even be perceptible, in strategic points of the abs.

We introduce a liquid that makes fat softer so they can be eliminated easier and quicker. No hard pain, no extreme bleeding, no scalpel.

The last step is one of the most important ones, in which the medical team makes the difference regarding all those lipo-treatments: we work on the area that we will like to pop out, making a bigger and more dense liposuction in those lines that we wish to mark. We work on them, drawing them with a great beauty sense that needs to be in mind in the doctor’s mind.

🥇 How will I see mysefl in the mirror after getting this abdominal marking treatment done? Benefits:

Our reasons, one by one, so you can decide wether this is your treatment, we desire to help you on making your decision, maybe give you that little push you need to decide yourself.

  1. Get a more tighten and atractive appearence on your tummy thanks to the skin tightening and muscles tightening.
  2. It helps diminish the width of your waist.
  3. Get rid of the agresive skin treatments.
  4. Eliminate rebelious fat bags.
  5. Achieve long lasting results.
  6. It allows to perform the treatment without surgery or long and hurtful postsurgery.
  7. Ensure a quick recovery and be able to go back to your daily life in a few weeks.
  8. Free of agresive or violent techniques that can damage your body.
  9. It will allow you to show off your flat tummy, with such a natural result but with so much power.
  10. It works very effectively and surprisingly in men and woman.

Abdominal Marking Marbella

👌What is more concerning about this treatment? Precautions before and after.

There are some steps that we need to keep in mind if we want to get this flat tummy treatment done, before and after the intervention.

This treatment requires you to be responsible with your health and you need to inform sincerely your doctor about your life habits and lifestyle. We recommend it to be performed in a non smoking pacient, as well as any medication or substance that you have been taking the days before the treatment.

Resting after the treatment is highly recommendable after a surgery, but with this technique we suggest you to go back to normal as soon as possible. We even recommend you some exercises in the abs area to make them stronger.

Another important issue is the strip. You will need to wear one during the first month, as well as aplying moisturizing creams for your body, follow a nutrition plan rich in fruits and vegetables and that help manteining your body hydrated.

And what’s more important: we would love you to feel confident on your skin! Throw away that hanging up with your tummy and show of a flat and beautiful one!


⚠️How do i know if this treatment is a good one for me? Suggestions from Arques Clinic.

We need to be very clear that this is not an option to treat obesity cases.

This treatment is made for people with a moderated volume of fat in the tummy, for both genders. Indeed, it is not recommended for people with a high grade of obesity. The results wouldn’t be appreciative, it is not worth it and a little risky.

For those cases, there are other medical treatments and surgeries to optimize the results.

Ideal pacients for abdominal marking are those who has a low percentage of fat in the area that needs to be treated. And it is also recommended to have a good skin quality, elastic and with good regeneration.

Our medical team will be happy to help you and do a free diagnosis for yourself.

Are you super happy with your abs? if ”no” is the answer, in Arques Clinic we are willing to listen to your case and doubts, we are willing to hearing your concerns, and after that we will explain to you what our work proccess and cares look like.

Because that is what life is about: beeing happy and comfortable on your skin.

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