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arques lift

Arques Lift

Long lasting non surgical Facial Rejuvenation with own Unique Tecnique.

Would you like to regain stretchness, light and firmness on your face without going through surgery? Would you like to get rid of the excess of accumulated fat in your chin, jaw or neck?

Now you can have it all thanks to the innovating and revolutionary treatment of ArquesLift.

This exlusive process from Arques Clinic reduces wrinkles, eliminates the bags of fat that get acummulated along the chin and jawline, achieving a long term lifting effect, with natural results and no need of surgery.

Avoid the sagginess and drooping skin on your face, delay the process of aging and give back health to your face in just one session.

  • Glowing skin, soft and tighten face

  • Blur your wrinkles away

  • Redefine the oval face and jawline

  • Improve skin tone and multiply the glowing skin

  • Non surgery lifting effect

  • Quick recovery

  • Redefine the jawline and cheeks

  • Skin tightening

  • Eliminate fat bags of the jawline, neck, chin and face

  • Estimulate collagem and elastin production

  • Keep yourself looking youthful and natural, with natural facial expressions

  • Regenarate facial volume and proportions

  • Recover the tighten of your skin

Arques Lift Treatment in Marbella

Harmony and Beauty provided with natural results.

Tightens skin, removes fat deposits,improves wrinkles and facial contour in a single session.

Long lasting non surgical facial rejuvenation

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Frequently Asked Questions about Arques Lift Treatment

Arques Lift is an ambulatory and minimally invasive procedure in which a laser scan is performed under the skin of the area to be treated to correct wrinkles and tighten the skin of the face and neck.

In addition, this technique includes a painless liposuction that removes localized fat deposits that are unsightly.

In just 1 session of 1 hour, this innovative technique manages to recover the texture, appearance and elasticity of the skin, shape the facial contour and retract the skin to look younger, healthy and beautiful.

As Arques Lift in the inner layers of the skin (without damaging the surface), stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin, increasing results progressively after treatment and the face regains its health.

The Arques Lift treatment is totally safe and effective, it does not leave visible scars and there are no bruises or wounds.

All the medical procedures that we carry out at Arques Clinic are performed by qualified medical professionals.

In addition, this treatment has been approved by the most demanding medical protocol and safety control institutions in the world and has national and international quality certificates.

Arques Lift is considered one of the most revolutionary methods at present, since it achieves amazing results and avoids the great scars of other surgical rejuvenation treatments.

90% of people who have tried Arques Lift recommend it.

Only one session of one hour duration (approximately) is necessary.
Arques Lift is the ideal treatment to recover the firmness, texture and youth of the skin on the forehead, middle upper third of the face, lower middle third of the face and neck.

Although the effects depend on the quality of the skin of each person, Arques Lift provides very lasting results that begin to be appreciated after the application of the session.

Once the treatment is finished, since the laser acts on deep levels of the skin, as the body reactivates the production of collagen and elastin you will notice an even greater increase in the effects.

Therefore, the first results are perceived immediately and improved over time, even for years.

This facial rejuvenation treatment is indicated for both men and women who want to recover the health of the skin, rejuvenate it and eliminate the deposits of fat that get accumulated in the areas of the face and neck.
No. One of the advantages of the Arques Lift technique is that it is a painless, ambulatory and minimally invasive treatment, in which the sensation of pain is minimized.

In addition, the medical team can apply a small amount of local anesthesia to avoid any discomfort during the procedure.

The results of Arques Lift are very natural. The shape and expression of each person’s face is respected, so frozen expressions or artificial effects are avoided.

The goal is not to transform your face, but to rejuvenate, recover and enhance your natural beauty.

This treatment is fully compatible with any facial filler, so there is no risk.

The only recommendation in this regard is to leave a reasonable period of time between treatments and not to do them simultaneously or immediately after receiving a filling application.

Arques Lift is an outpatient treatment that does not require hospitalization or disability, so recovery is very fast and you can perform much of your daily activities from the first day.

After the treatment, you must maintain a compressive bandage for 48 hours that will place the medical equipment and use a chin guard to sleep for 30 days.

So you can do normal life immediately after removing the compression bandage.

Arques Lift is a painless and ambulatory treatment, so it does not require aggressive surgical intervention, does not require a previous preparation or a long and heavy recovery time.

Unlike a traditional facelift, Arques Lift requires less intervention time, better control over coagulation (which reduces the risk of bleeding, bruises and wounds), rapid recovery, natural and lasting results and imperceptible scars.

Another alternative is the application of creams, but they do not penetrate the deepest levels of the skin and the effects are not as precise and effective as those achieved with Arques Lift.

Yes. Precisely because we received many visits from other cities and provinces, we booked a few hours a day so you can start the treatment the same day of the free consultation.
Fight the signs of aging, recovers skins health and enhances your natural beauty

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arques lift
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