Arques Advanced VelaShape 3 Body Contouring Treatment

Reduce fat and cellulite. Re-shape your silhouette, fight lose skin and lose up to 3cm of contour in just a sesión and with no surgery!

Remodelación Corporal

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    Recover your body and get back into your favourite clothes!

    Thanks to the combination of radio frequency, infra-red laser absorption system and a massage roller, Arques VelaShape 3 becomes your perfect partner to achieve spectacular results, say goodbye to fat and improve the elasticity of your skin on any part of your body: arms, abs, flanks, legs, buttocks, back, waist, hips..

    Are diet and exercise not enough for a dream body?

    The latest and most innovative technology in Aesthetic Medicine come from the hand of Arques VelaShape 3: The latest, generation non surgical treatment which combines four technologies in one, to achieve your dream body in a record time!

    Reduce Fat and Cellulite. Sculpt Your Silhouette, Fight Sagging Without Surgery

    • Innovation in Aesthetics: VelaShape 3 in Marbella represents the cutting edge in body contouring, combining four advanced technologies for quick and effective results, without surgery.
    • Quickly Visible Results: See a notable change in your figure from the first session. VelaShape 3 reduces up to 3 cm in contour, offering an effective solution when diet and exercise are not enough.
    • Quadruple Technology for Maximum Efficacy: The synergy of radiofrequency, infrared laser, suction, and roller massage ensures effective fat and cellulite reduction, shaping your silhouette.
    • Versatility in Treatment Areas: This treatment is ideal for arms, abdomen, flanks, legs, buttocks, back, waist, and hips, adapting to your specific contouring needs.
    • Goodbye to Localized Fat: VelaShape 3 is especially effective in eliminating hard-to-lose fat in problem areas, offering a solution for stubborn saddlebags and love handles.
    • Improvement in Blood Circulation: Besides reducing fat, VelaShape 3 promotes better blood circulation, contributing to the overall health of the skin and body.
    • Relief from Fluid Retention: This treatment is also effective in alleviating fluid retention, helping you feel lighter and less swollen. 
    • Effective Volume Reduction: Experience a notable reduction in the volume of treated areas, contributing to a more streamlined and contoured figure. 
    • Skin Firming: In addition to reducing fat, this treatment firms the skin, improving its elasticity and overall appearance. 
    • Regain Your Confidence: Slip back into your favorite tight clothes with confidence, thanks to the reshaping and toning effects of VelaShape 3.
    Remodelación Corporal

    Fights localized fat, reduces cellulite and recovers your natural skin.

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    Show off your body, improves your skin texture and lose up to 3 cm in just one session with Arques VelaShape3 Treatment at your Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Marbella

    Frequently Asked Questions about Arques VelaShape3 Treatment

    Arques VelaShape 3 treatment for body contouring is based on the application of four technologies simultaneously:

    • Infrared light: reduces localized fat and re-shapes.
    • Radiofrequency: Stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin and reduces orange skin.
    • Vacuum therapy: Stimulates local circulation and reduces cellulite.
    • Roller massage: Provides lymphatic drainage and reduces body volume.

    The result is an immediate action of destruction of fat cells, remodeling your figure and tightening your skin.

    On top of this, by acting from inside, it promotes the production of collagen and elasti, body volume and cellulite is reduced.

    EIn just 30 minutes per session, with this innovative technique you will achieve up to 3cm loss, recover your figure and feel comfortable with your body.

    Although results depend on each individual, clinical studies indicate an average reduction up to 3 centimeters in just one sesión on 5 million people

    In women this treatment is performed to recover shape after child birth, experiencing an average 10% reduction on the treated area.

    During your consultation, the medical team will be honest about  your expectations, but you do lose at least a size in a session.

    Arques VelaShape 3 acts in the areas where fat tends to be localized and harder to eliminate: arms, back, abdomen, flanks waist, hips, legs and buttocks.

    Arques VelaShape 3 Treatment is completely safe and effective, leaves no scars and has no side effects nor complications.

    All medical procedures carry out at Arques Clinic are performed by professional qualified doctors.

    Furthermore, this treatment has been approved by medical institutions protocol control and safety standards worldwide, such as US FDA, CE and ANMAT.

    To top it off, on the official website of the equipment used, the technology use don this exclusive Arques Clinic treatment has 97% positive client feedback from  5 million people who have received this treatment.

    Although 3 sessions of 30 minutes are recommended,resukts are visible from the first session.

    You’ll notice improved quality and texture of the treated skin, less volume and less cellulite.

    Although the result depends on eac person, Arques VelaShape 3 provides visible results from the first session.

    Once treatment is completed, as the technology operates within the deep layers of the skin, as the body recovers production of collagen and elastin you will notice an increase on the results.

    Therefore, the first results are seen immediately and prolonged with time.

    Arques VelaShape 3 is a highly effective latest generation treatment. However, you have to follow a healthy lifestyle, control your diet and exercise to avoid gaining fat back.

    Arques VelaShape 3 is the latest treatment for body contouring ideal for men and women wishing to recover their figure and reduce cellulite and orange skin which we gain over time, weight loss (which gives saggy skin) and post-partum situations.
    No. One of the advantages of this revolutionary and innovative body contouring treatment is that it is painless, outpatient, minimally invasive, thus surgery is avoided and pain minimized. During the application you will only feel local heat, which will disappear shortly after the session ends. Patients describe it as “warm feeling of massage.”

    Arques VelaShape 3 is a treatment which allows you to resume your normal activities immediately after leaving the clinic.

    Just be advised to avoid sun exposure and UV rays ofnthe treated area for 48 hours.

    It is advisable to practice moderate physical exercise after treatment. A short walk activates blood circulation and helps eliminate fat and toxins from the body, increasing results.

    As it is a body contouring treatment, you will lose volume and weight if you control your diet.

    Arques VelaShape 3 speeds up metabolism, so just take care which foods you eat and combine it with exercise (just walking) to make the treatment even more effective.

    Arques VelaShape 3 is a more effective treatment in fewer sessions thanks to the power of its technology, which combines the benefits of 4 technologies together(radio frequency, infrared, vacum and motorized rollers).

    Thanks to its technology, Arques VelaShape 3 achieves in 1 session what other procedures do in4. Therefore, its effectiveness is maximum.

    One of the most popular alternative is the use of reducing creams, which only acts on the surface of the skin,so as cellulite and localized fat are not a superficial problem, but an internal tissue one, these are less effective.

    Furthermore, Arques VelaShape 3 avoids surgery and therefore certain risks, such as anesthesia is required, having a longer recovery periond too.

    Yes. Precisely because we received many visits from other cities and provinces, we booked a few hours a day so you can start the treatment the same day of the consultation.
    Rosario Barroso gutierrez
    Rosario Barroso gutierrez
    Muy contenta con el tratamiento de Ultherapy de mano del doctor Arques y la radiofrecuencia con Inma.
    Eri Guldfeldt
    Eri Guldfeldt
    Dygtige folk
    Magnífico trato dispensado por Marta y Mónica Morillo, asistentas del doctor Arqués y muy contento con el resultado del tratamiento! Gran dedicación y profesionalidad, la verdad que un gusto cada vez que visito la clínica.
    inigo lopez
    inigo lopez
    Mónica Morillo me ha atendido hoy día 31 de octubre , de una manera profesional y muy servicial , es una persona maravillosa hacía tiempo que no recibía este tipo de trato. El tratamiento ha estado increíble
    adela Jiménez Bernal
    adela Jiménez Bernal
    Estoy encantada con todos la verda y en especial con la doctora Salas y con Mónica Morillo, muy recomendable

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