Beauty after 50´s

Beauty After 50´s

You´ve surely noticed cosmetic products are classified into age groups. As well as these articles the care you give  your skin, hair, or nails has to be according to your age. After menopause, more attention must be paid to the changes taking place i the body,and therefore act accordingly.

It may be in your 30’s or 40’s you did not worry about using creams or covering imperfections but now you’ve noticed that your whole body has changed and that the skin is no longer the same as before, it´s not a matter of despairing or hiding, but of adapting habits to this new stage.

Why is the care you give your skin in middle age so important?

During menopause, estrogen levels drop, lipids and collagen are lost and the skin looks more dry and “dull” The dermis tends to appear thinner, harder and more creased. Cutaneous aging is only one of the consequences of this climacteric period full of hormonal changes.

I receive many women over 50 who want to know how to get a radiant and younger skin. In addition to the usual treatments I advise you follow a routine which includes cleansing, exfoliating, moisture and protection. These basic steps carried out  daily or weekly are vital so that the face and other parts of the body don´tt suffer as much  the ravages of menopause.

Some Beauty Secrets and Tips for Mature Skin

Some beauty secrets and tips for mature skin I would like to share with you are:

Know your skin: Do not feel bad for looking at yourself in the mirror. Discover yourself, analyze yourself, have a detailed report of wrinkles, blemishes, lines of expression or freckles. This way you can determine what you want to change and you will notice the changes made after any treatment.

Do not abuse makeup: Wanting to cover imperfections with layers and layers of makeup is not a good idea. Increasing the amount of products on the skin will make you look older. The thick base layer “breaks” where there are deep cracks,looking awful! Instead I advise you use a moisturizer and a liquid base.

Do not become a “clown”: Just like with the base, you must keep in mind that a lot of mascara or eye-shadow will draw too much attention towards your face. Unless that is your intention, do not forget the quote “less is more”. If you can´t see properly,I recommend you buy a magnifying mirror so you don´t overdo it. Eyeliner is key,as it helps improve the shape of the eye. Apply it between the upper and lower lashes in a fine line.

Use sunglasses: Doesn´t matter if it is winter or cloudy. UV rays are always present and can cause damage on your skin. In addition it would be good that you applied a high protection especially in the face.

And finally … do not be ashamed of how old you are! You are beautiful as when you were young, never forget!