Beauty is harmony, health and self love

Beauty is often related to frivolity or fashion… but I don’t agree with this definition.
For me beauty is much more than what is said in the magazines or by the celebrities… It is a synonym of self love and self care, of wanting to improve and be in harmony with your inner self.

Also, it is believed that those women who are beautiful are not intelligent (or the other way around). Why don´t we oppose to these beliefs?

The answer is very simple: the stereotypes. It is equally important to be educated or build a career as much as to invest some time to look and feel better.

Why beauty treatments are important for women?

When a woman goes to a beauty salon, puts make up on or she dresses in a certain way, she is labeled as superficial or as a “fashion slave”. Only because she likes to look good, but the truth is we all want to look beautiful.

A lot of women don’t dress up too much because they were taught since young age that to be beautiful is something bad and it is more important to be beautiful from the inside. However, you can be beautiful in every single way, if you can just learn how to love and accept yourself the way you are.

How many times per day do you look at yourself in the mirror? And how often do you compliment yourself how beautiful you look? I am convinced that you are not very kind to yourself.

To love yourself is the first step to feel beautiful.

Accepting yourself is crucial in order to see yourself as beautiful regardless what are you wearing, how does your hair look like or if you have your make up on or not.

To be beautiful is to love yourself and to look after yourself.

Starting with a good diet, exercise, great beauty treatments, and you are already on the right track, doing a lot for you, from the inside and on the outside.

Motivate yourself to be in harmony with your body, do your best to lose that extra weight or remove those wrinkles, but do not obsess with it and do not lose your health just to look pretty. Forget about all the stereotypes and try to be the best version of yourself.

Looking after yourself and doing something for you every day means that you are improving.
Praise your qualities and accept your flaws. Get in action to improve or fix what doesn’t make you feel very comfortable about yourself but don’t think about it all the time. Focus on connecting with your virtues. Love yourself more, please yourself more.

Do it for you and for no one else. Don’t dress up for your partner or anyone you like… Put that skirt and those high heels on for you, to boost your self-esteem and feel happy. Love yourself without consideration because the first that should like you – is you! Remember that if you love yourself, everyone else will.

Most importantly: Do more of what makes you happy!