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Skin Blemish Removal Marbella Using StarWalker Laser 


Treatment to help remove skin blemishes using StarWalker Q-Switched Laser Technology.

“I have been suffering from a skin blemish problem for a few years now. I have read so many things and I get so desperate with my spots that I don’t know what else to try or do. The truth is that I’m afraid to try again with a laser treatment, that might not work. I’m worried about throwing my money away, and if it will be painful while leaving even worse marks”.

Restore radiance, even out skin tone and restore health to your precious skin.

We help you eliminate, once and for all, those unsightly blemishes from your body, and just in a single session with no sequels.

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One of the biggest aesthetic concerns at the moment is skin blemishes and pigmentation problems. They directly affect your self-esteem and no cream can completely erase them.

Spots can appear as a consequence of exposure to the sun, hormonal alterations from pregnancy, breastfeeding, for genetic reasons or due to the consumption of certain drugs. What really matters is that they come with age, and they cause distress, giving you a skin complex, and undermining your well-being

Marks appear on your face, hands, neck, chest or even shoulders. You feel terrible, and allbecause of your skin pigmentation and blemishes.

That is when you begin the real marathon of treatments to get rid of your skin blemishes and pigmentation problems: creams, masks, serums, natural remedies, peeling, and all kinds of cosmetics.

The truth is that they do not work as you wished, and you become tired of spending your money for no visible results. You are without a resolution, without knowing what other method to try and  afraid of no hitting again.

The fact is, that over time, your skin changes. You should know that as such, it will always require a little extra help to regain that freshness and natural feel you long for.

Eliminación Manchas Marbella

Here is the American technology that has already helped thousands of people overcome their skin blemishes and pigmentation problems.

The StarWalker Laser Treatment at Arques clinic helps you achieve the skin you can be proud of.

Feel its positive effects proven in (more than 500) patients:

  • Treatment Effectiveness from the first session. No marks, no serious irritation or scarring, and according to the recommended care protocol by your doctor.

  • Your skin recovers its texture and is no longer dull and dreary. The absence of pigment blemishes coupled with its uniformity achieves the resplendent skin effect.

  • Painless, non-invasive treatment that respects your physical health.

  • It can be applied on various parts of the face such as the moustache, cheek, forehead, hands, neck, chest, shoulders, and other areas of the body without risk.

  • It acts on pigmentation damage, actinic keratosis cases (squamous cancer cells), melasma and solar or senile lentigines.


StarWalker technology is currently the number one laser treatment in the world for the removal of blemishes. There are still only a few aesthetic clinics with this technology in Spain. Arques Clinic in Marbella is one of them.

Awarded Responsible Aesthetic Medicine Clinic. With more than 64,000 treatments completed since 2017.

We have improved the quality of life of thousands of people over the course of 25 years.

Our fulfilment lies in helping our patients. And at Arques Clinic, our goal is your beauty and your health.

Institutions that support our work:

How does this laser work and why is it a leading technology?

  • Velocity of the laser that acts in nanoseconds and controls the energy of the waves. It has an immediate effect on the area without causing thermal damage.

  • Precision of the cutting-edge technology. It works with maximum concentration by capturing the colour of the melanin, which allows it to act only on the blemish and pigmentation without affecting the surrounding area.

Clinical improvement in 93% of  the cases and after ONE SINGLE TREATMENT

Pigment Damage Actinic Keratosis
(Squamous cancer cells)
Melasma Solar and senile lentigines on the face or hands
499 €/session
Second session FREE OF CHARGE within a MAXIMUM OF 3 MONTHS.
*We guarantee the very best outcome with a second treatment at no cost for the patient in those rare cases where the doctor advises a follow-up session*

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At Arques Clinic you will be attended in your first FREE consultation by the medical team, and not by a comercial.

Second session FREE OF CHARGE within a MAXIMUM OF 3 MONTHS.
*We guarantee the best outcome with a second treatment at no cost for the patient in those rare cases where the doctor advises a follow-up session*

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Blemish Removal Marbella Laser Treatment

The sensation of pain is minimal, thanks to the speed with which the laser gun disperses its energy.

An anaesthetic cream will always be applied to the area, which will significantly reduce discomfort.

There is no risk, provided the blemish has been diagnosed and treated by a specialised doctor.

This treatment is risk-free if the advice of the medical team is followed thoroughly, otherwise the problem will reappear in a short amount of time.

After the blemish removal Marbella treatment you will be able to continue with your daily routine as normal, even apply make-up again 48 hours after the treatment. In the case of men, they will not be able to shave until two weeks after the treatment. It is essential for full recovery that you avoid exposure to the sun for a few weeks and protect your skin with a specific cream and dedicated sun protection.

Can you imagine the happiness of saying goodbye to those unsightly blemishes on your beautiful skin?

We can imagine and help you

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