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//Botox for Wrinkles

The 10 most frequently asked questions received at Arques Clinic about “Botox for Wrinkles”

When people ask me what the main query we receive daily at the clinic is, the answer is clear: how to remove wrinkles. And within the various treatments available to correct these,the star question is “I want information about botox for wrinkles”.

You know what?

I am a defender of wrinkles. I believe they are a natural manifestation of emotions and experiences accumulated in life, however, as a doctor, I know that their appearance is a symptom of:

Loss in Skin Health

Loss of Hydration

Loss of Luminosity

Loss of Firmness and Elasticity

Wrinkles are not loved, not loved because of their aesthetic component. My concern is because they mean loss in skin quality.

As most patients who visit the clinic have the same concerns regarding the treatment for facial rejuvenation with botulinum toxin, in this article I want to re-play part of a conversation I had with a patient, which will possibly answer questions you may now have yourself in mind.

With the permission of Eva Blanque, I'll re-play part of the conversation I had with her the day of her free consultation before treatment with botulinum toxin.

Thank you, Eva, for giving me your consent. I am sure your questions help other people.

“Botox for Wrinkles”: We Clarify the Concept

Before you start with the questions Eva raised, I will clarify clarify what Botox is. There is some confusion about this, as Botox is actually the trade name for a type of botulinum toxin type A.

When we talk about botox (or “botox for wrinkles”), we actually refer to facial rejuvenation procedure with botulinum toxin type A, used to revitalize and rejuvenate eyes, reduce wrinkles, and restore skin firmness luminosity.

The most popular way to discuss this technique is "botox" (rather than botulinum toxin) and since I want this article to be exact to how Eva asked, in this post I will use the popular term instead.

Is Botox Treatment for Wrinkles on the Face?

It depends which wrinkles. The main use of the treatment of botulinum toxin type A is the correction of wrinkles around forehead, frown and crow´s feet, meaning it is a suitable method to soften or prevent wrinkles on the upper third of the face.

If you are interested in correcting wrinkles around barcode, then this procedure is not ideal.

Is Botox Effective for wrinkles around Neck and V-Line?

For V-line and neck wrinkles there are other specified procedures which offer more durable and natural results.

Treatment with botulinum toxin, as I say, is used for wrinkles and common gestures: frown, crow´s feet and forehead.

Now that you mention duration; How long do the effects of Botox for wrinkles last?

As I always say, it depends on each patient, therefore unable to give you a valid answer good for everyone.

Skin quality, type of wrinkles, habits, firmness of the facial muscles and gesticulation are factors which determine the duration of results.

Therefore, botulinum toxin does not have the same effect in a person who is very expressive and gesticulating to others who aren´t.

Not even on the websites from laboratories the duration is published, as each case is different and without a prior study of the skin, you are unable to know.

Anyway, as soon as we answer all your queries, we will do a skin diagnosis to determine your specific skin and tell you the approximate length of time to expect approximately.

Is Botox for Wrinkles dangerous or have side Effects or?

Never! If it was bad or dangerous, they would forbid it´s production and use in licensed clinics.

No side effects, health risks, nor redness after application.

If I apply Botox Treatment for Wrinkles, Will my Face look Frozen?

No! Botulinum toxin rejuvenates the face and corrects dynamic wrinkles (expression) providing a natural result.

You´ll maintain your natural expression will not seem to have a frozen face. Your gestures and expression will be the same.

Is Botox for Wrinkles also for Men?

Of course! In fact, although proportionally more women ask about this treatment with botulinum toxin, we also have many male patients.

Vanity is not just for women!

I have read Botox for Wrinkles is also used as a Preventive Treatment. It this true?

Yes. There are rejuvenating treatments -including botulimun toxin which in addition to having correcting and repairing effects, protect skin firmness in a preventive way.

How long does it take to put the Botox for Wrinkles?

Very little, only15 minutes.

Will you use a full Syringe if I decide to have Botox for Wrinkles?

Yes. To apply the botulinum toxin treatment injected a full syringe containing the appropriate dose for results is needed.

Ok Dr everything is clear. I want botox for wrinkles!

I´m glad to have solved your doubts, Eva! Now, let´s make a diagnosis of your skin and find out if this is the right procedure for you. Also, as treatment can
be done on the same day as the free consultation, we can correct your wrinkles today!. Shall we start?

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