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botox marbella

Botox Marbella

Botulinum Toxin

Arques Clinic is a Marbella specialist in treatments with botulinum toxin in Marbella, better known as Botox, the brand of the first toxin of this kind to be marketed. The application of the toxin provides a rejuvenating and effective treatment to remove wrinkles and blemishes on the face.

When it comes to smoothing wrinkles between the eyebrows, crow’s feet or the top of the eyebrows, the most popular option is applying botulinum toxin, more popularly known as Botox treatment, because of the first brand that marketed it internationally.

Botox is capable of treating other diseases and stopping the ageing of our face.

Arques Clinic in Marbella uses Azzalure botulinum toxin and Doctor Arques’s well-known ‘Natural Expression’ technique, which guarantees completely natural results. Thanks to our technique, we achieve a totally natural expression and gesticulation and remove small wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin is a body-friendly toxin and rarely generates any adverse effects in patients. It is also fast, easy and painless to apply.

The application of botulinum toxin is the great alternative to other treatments that require surgery because it can be applied even at the doctor’s office, without special care after the application. Patients can return to their daily activities without any problem. The only recommendation is to wait at least 24 hours to catch a plane. The effects of Botox last between four and six months. If you have any doubt, you are welcome to contact our doctor without obligation: call us at 662 408 408.

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    Your Botox Botulinum Toxin Treatment in Marbella

    Placing your trust in Arques Clinic and our professionals has many advantages and provides great added value.

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    What is “Botox”?

    Botulinum toxin or Botox as it is popularly known in Marbella since it is the brand of the first toxin of this kind to be marketed, is the ally of beauty par excellence. It has become the favourite option for many people since it gives a soft and smooth appearance of the skin, and it can also prevent the appearance of new wrinkles. It can be applied to virtually anyone, but it is always necessary to talk to the doctor to learn about potential contraindications, which occur very rarely. It is a very reliable option for patients undergoing a beauty treatment for the first time.

    What does it involve?


    After applying Botox in our clinic in Marbella, you will notice how wrinkles and expression lines disappear as botulinum toxin type A binds to the muscle to prevent movement. This avoids the wrinkles that appear when you smile at the sides of the mouth, in the area around the eyes, forehead and other areas prone to the appearance of wrinkles due to movement. Thus the face acquires a more serene expression due to its relaxed appearance.

    It is very important to stress that patients must resort to a professional clinic as Arques Clinic. We are specialists in Botox in Marbella, where the service provided is of high quality and guarantees satisfactory results for the particular needs of each patient. Thus, the negative results that occur frequently due to the misuse of the toxin are eliminated.

    We work with the best labs in the market to ensure satisfactory results.

    The attention given to each patient in our clinic is personalised, thus reducing the risks to a minimum and guaranteeing satisfactory results according to the requirements of each person.

    We have cared for satisfied patients who have left behind those little signs of ageing and have begun to enjoy a new life of youth, beauty and health. Say goodbye to complexes and enjoy your body and your face as you always wanted with the novel treatments that only the professionalism and quality of the specialists at Arques Clinic in Marbella can offer.

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