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Doctor Mario Arques Jiménez

Expert in facial and body rejuvenation

Dr Mario Arques Jimenez graduated in medicine and surgery from the university of Granada in 1995 and ever since that day he has been dedicated to medicine. He holds a Masters Degree in Aesthetic Medicine given by the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

His foray into aesthetic medicine begun though numerous accredited courses and by performing the Masters in Aesthetic Medicine in URJC. He began developing his medical work in the Andalusian Health Service, where he had care and direct duties with advanced level crediting by the Clinical Management Almanzora and the Agency for Health Quality of Andalusia.

Currently he still performs his skills in prestigious academies and holds courses and workshops as well as national and international conferences.
He is a pioneering physician, who is widely regarded as the best in his field. He is known to incorporate the latest techniques for the implementation of beauty treatments as well as using the highest quality products in the profession’s opinion.
Most importantly is the skill in which he conducts his facial and body aesthetic treatments. His carring nature makes every patient feel safe and confident in his hands, so when they leave the clinic they are fully satisfied with the consultation and want to come back.
 Furthermore he is actively involved in their follow-up, leading up to the planned process of aesthetic improvement.

Dr Mario Arques Jimenez is a doctor of the Critical Care and Emergency Unit, having taught at the Andalusian School of Public Safety for several years, providing even greater confidence to all patients who are placed in his hands.

Beauty & Wellness in perfect balance

As Dr. Mario Arques says, “cosmetic medicine is useless“. Beyond a purely aesthetic purpose in Arques Medical Clinic you will find professionals who offer all their knowledge and experience to project outwardly beauty that reflects your well-being and inner peace. In short, our goal is to find the perfect harmony between body and soul.

Far from specific improvements, the latest advances in surgery and aesthetic medicine opt for both facial harmonic enhancement and body of the patient. To achieve this goal, Dr. Mario Arques and his team study the physical, mental and emotional characteristics of each patient. Thus, applied medical-aesthetic treatments respond to the real needs of that patient.

Health, Beauty and Harmony for a Full Life


Arques Medical Clinic and his team of experts in Aesthetic Medicine aim to improve the quality of life of patients with facial and body rejuvenation treatments that promote and enhance its beauty from the inside projecting harmonically abroad.


Body, mind and soul are melted as a whole, so the patient feels well-being to the fullest, in all his being.


We are the core of the patient with their physical and emotional well-being and the guide to enjoy healthy, enriching and well-being as well. In this life journey Arques Medical Clinic performs an analysis of the patient’s health to offer beauty treatments in line with their needs always under the maxim of a harmonious beauty.

Your well-being in the best hands

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