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Laser Black Peel Treatment Marbella

Fotona Laser Black Peel Treatment Marbella

Genetic features, incorrect facial hydration, eating habits and inadequate use of cosmetics produce blackheads, open pores, loss of radiance and appearance of surface wrinkles.

Thanks to our Fotona Laser Black Peel treatment in Marbella you can now recover firmness and improve the appearance of your skin with natural results.

  • Refines and closes skin pores
  • Helps eliminate blackheads
  • Acts as a gentle micro-peeling
  • No side effects
  • Improves complexion radiance
  • Immediate lifting effect

Black Peel Laser Treatment in Marbella. Feel the beauty in your skin again

Treatment Price: 42€/mont or 500€ (3 Sessions)

Recover your skin and show a new look with natural results!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Treatment for Stretch Marks

The Black Peel Fotona treatment is a revolutionary procedure, top in the market and minimally invasive that uses a natural carbon pigment. This attracts the energy of the laser that acts by vaporizing the most superficial layer of the skin and closing the pores.

In this way, it achieves a porcelain skin appearance, decreases the amount of pores and irregularities, leaves a subtle lifting effect and a younger and healthier skin appearance.

In addition, it is a global process that regenerates and reactivates the natural production of collagen in the skin, nourishes it with vitamins, eliminates dead cells and decreases the pore diameter.

In just 3 sessions and less than 20 minutes per session, this innovative technique rejuvenates the skin and restore its natural health.

Since the laser acts on the inner layers of the skin (without damaging the surface), it stimulates the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, so that the results increase progressively after its application.

Fotona laser treatment is completely safe and effective, leaves no scars and bruises or causes injuries.

All medical treatments applied at Arques Clinic are performed by profesional and qualified doctors.

Furthermore, this treatment has been approved by medical institutions protocol control and safety standards in the world and has national and international certificates of quality.

Although the effects are noticed from the first session, to achieve a fabulous and lasting effect 3 sessions of 20 minutes each are recommended.

The recommended time between one session and the next is 30 days.
In cases with many irregularities or porosity, there could be up to 6 sessions in total.

However, during the free evaluation, the specialist doctor will indicate the recommended sessions for you.

Although the effects depend on the quality of the skin of each person, the Fotona laser provides highly durable results after the first session.

Once treatment is completed, since the laser operates in deep levels of the skin, as the body revives production of collagen and hyaluronic acid you will notice an increase of the effects.

Therefore, the first results are seen immediately and are prolonged in time.

In a word, no! One of the advantages of the Fotona laser technique is that it is a painless, minimally invasive, outpatient treatment, so there is no need for surgery or to make any incisions and the feeling of pain is reduced to a minimum.

Whilst the laser is being applied, the only thing you’ll feel is a pleasant warmth. Due to the characteristics of facial hair, men will notice a slightly more intense heat, but without it being annoying or painful.

It depends on the depth of them. This treatment regenerates the superficial layer of the skin, so if they are superficial, yes.

If the wrinkles are deep, another treatment will be more effective, just as with pimples.

Black Peel Fotona is not a specific treatment for deep wrinkles, so, depending on the diagnosis during the free evaluation, the doctor will indicate the most appropriate procedure for your case.

Yes. In the personalized diagnoses we propose all the options to recover health to your skin and leave it as best looking as possible.

We have offers of all kinds of treatments, so if the doctor thinks it would be better to apply another procedure, you can take advantage of the special prices.

Black peel treatment helps reduce superficial skin spots and blemishes

Specific blemish and skin spot and melasma treatments are not recommended during summer months

Yes, this treatment is also indicated for the rejuvenation of the hands.

Fotona laser is an outpatient treatment that does not require anesthesia or hospitalization, so you can resume your usual activity immediately after leaving the clinic.

It will only be advisable to avoid sun exposure on the treated area during the hours after treatment and apply during the first days protective sunscreen.

You can apply makeup and apply make-up cream with protection as normal.

Among its advantages, the laser peel allows better control of skin reaction and depth of action.

On the contrary, with chemical peels there is always doubt as to where it is coming from and there is a risk of acting at an undesired depth.

Yes. Precisely because we received many visits from other cities and provinces, we booked a few hours a day so you can start the treatment the same day of the consultation.
Rejuvenates your look, improves the health of your skin and achieves a luminous complexion with porcelain appearance in only 20 minutes without surgery!

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Black Peel Laser Treatment Marbella
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