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    Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a nervous system disorder that causes a greater sweat production than is needed to regulate body temperature.

    Excessive production of sweat is a problem that affects a large number of people, both men and women. It is also a problem that can cause other, such as stress, anxiety, insecurity, etc., affecting any normal daily activity.

    When we sweat, the skin releases salt-rich liquids, which regulate body temperature and keep it constant. When the body needs to remove heat, perspiration occurs to cool the skin. This explains why we sweat with physical activities or situations where a lot of tension builds up.

    Arques Clinic has extensive experience in the treatment of excessive sweating in Marbella, a problem that can be observed mainly in hands, armpits, feet and in the pubic area, since these are areas with a higher presence of sweat glands.

    What is Excessive Sweating?

    Hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating or hyperperspiration refers to excessive sweating produced in various body parts without a cause leading to elevated body temperature.

    What does the treatment involve?

    There are several degrees of excessive sweating. At grade I, sweat is imperceptible and does not affect the normal life of the patient. At grade II, sweat is bearable but it can be annoying on occasion. At grade III, sweating is quite uncomfortable and annoying, preventing normal activity regularly and at grade IV, sweating is not bearable and prevents the execution of any normal activity.

    Our Marbella clinic performs treatments to combat excessive sweating. We treat all types of hyperhidrosis:

    – Axillary hyperhidrosis

    – Palmoplantar hyperhidrosis: It affects the palms and soles of the feet.

    – Gustatory hyperhidrosis

    – Generalised hyperhidrosis: It refers to excessive sweating affecting a surface of skin greater than 100 cm2.

    In the case of axillary and palmoplantar hyperhidrosis, a treatment with botulinum toxin is effective. The toxin is introduced into the skin by means of very thin needles producing a blocking effect in the sweat glands, thereby reducing the production of sweat.

    Hipersudoración Marbella

    Treatment to Eliminate Hyperhidrosis in Marbella

    Frequently Asked Questions about the Treatment

    Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a disorder that causes an overproduction of sweat, beyond what is necessary to regulate body temperature, affecting various parts of the body.
    Hyperhidrosis can cause stress, anxiety, insecurity, and interfere with normal daily activities due to the discomfort and potential embarrassing situations it creates.
    The most affected areas are usually the hands, armpits, feet, and pubic area, due to the high concentration of sweat glands in these regions.
    Yes, it varies from grade I, where sweating is imperceptible, to grade IV, where sweating is so intense it prevents normal activities.

    At Arques Clinic, we treat all types of hyperhidrosis, including axillary, palmar-plantar, gustatory, and generalized, with methods such as botulinum toxin for cases of palmar-plantar and axillary hyperhidrosis.

    This treatment involves injecting botulinum toxin into the skin with fine needles, blocking the sweat glands and significantly reducing sweat production.

    Although there may be slight discomfort during the injection application, the procedure is generally considered tolerable and the results outweigh any temporary discomfort.
    Results can vary, but generally, the treatment with botulinum toxin provides relief from excessive sweating for several months.
    Although often perceived as an aesthetic problem, hyperhidrosis is also a health disorder that can significantly affect quality of life.
    Yes, an initial evaluation is important to determine the degree of hyperhidrosis and the most suitable treatment according to your specific needs.
    Rosario Barroso gutierrez
    Rosario Barroso gutierrez
    Muy contenta con el tratamiento de Ultherapy de mano del doctor Arques y la radiofrecuencia con Inma.
    Eri Guldfeldt
    Eri Guldfeldt
    Dygtige folk
    Magnífico trato dispensado por Marta y Mónica Morillo, asistentas del doctor Arqués y muy contento con el resultado del tratamiento! Gran dedicación y profesionalidad, la verdad que un gusto cada vez que visito la clínica.
    inigo lopez
    inigo lopez
    Mónica Morillo me ha atendido hoy día 31 de octubre , de una manera profesional y muy servicial , es una persona maravillosa hacía tiempo que no recibía este tipo de trato. El tratamiento ha estado increíble
    adela Jiménez Bernal
    adela Jiménez Bernal
    Estoy encantada con todos la verda y en especial con la doctora Salas y con Mónica Morillo, muy recomendable

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