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Labiaplasty Marbella

Genital Labia Majora

In our Marbella clinic we perform labiaplasty to recover the volume of the genital labia to correct an aesthetic and health problem.

More and more women are concerned by the hypotrophy or volume loss in the genital labia majora. Not only is it an aesthetic problem because of the withered, flabby or aged appearance, it is also a health issue because it produces recurrent urinary tract infections and discomfort in the area during the practice of some sports because of the lack of protection of the intimate area.

The passage of time and pregnancy are some of the factors that influence the loss of turgor in the labia majora.

Labioplasty is classified within intimate surgery. In recent years, there has been increasing concern about the aesthetics of intimate areas, especially in the case of women.

Within this treatment there are two more depending on the desired results: Labia minora reduction and the augmentation of the labia majora.

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    Get your Treatment to Labiaplasty in Marbella

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    What is Labiaplasty?

    Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure to reconstruct, decrease or increase the size or change the appearance of the female genitalia. It is an aesthetic and functional treatment performed on the labia.

    What does the treatment involve?


    With the advancement of technology, intimate aesthetic treatments have been discovered to put a solution to this problem, filling the affected area with hyaluronic acid.

    Infiltrations of hyaluronic acid in the labia majora provide excellent results and last about a year, avoiding surgery. Their biggest advantage is that they allow a quick recovery and, especially, a maintenance of the naturalness of the area.

    The procedure does not require hospitalisation and the return of the patient to her normal activities is immediate. It is performed with a local anaesthetic and the result is an augmentation of the labia majora and a greater consistency.

    Get an intimate image that is more youthful, beautiful and turgid! Call us and we will explain everything!

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