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laser treatment for blemishes marbella

Laser treatment for blemishes in Marbella

Say goodbye to age spots or acne marks and scars quickly, naturally and without having to go through the operating room. With just a 30-minute treatment you can say goodbye to all your skin blemishes.

With the passage of time and as we get older, age spots typically appear, or those old acne marks become accentuated. Are you tired of trying hundreds of remedies to get rid of them? From Arques Clinic we bring you the definitive solution to combat skin blemishes: a really effective treatment with the Fotona Dynamis laser in Marbella.


The Fotona Dynamis laser is one of the best lasers on the market, as it has the latest advanced technology to remove all skin blemishes and give your face a much brighter, healthier and smoother appearance. Say goodbye to imperfections with our Anti-Blemish Treatment with the Fotona Dynamis laser.

This treatment with the Fotona Dynamis laser has no side effects and the great benefits you can enjoy are:

  • Eliminates blemishes due to aging or acne
  • Restores skin texture
  • Gives the skin shine and softness
  • Greater luminosity and restoration of natural skin tone
  • Reduces scars
  • Better quality skin

This treatment takes only 30 minutes, has no contraindications and is perfect for all skin types. It is a quick, effective and painless procedure that will allow you to appreciate the results and notice the difference right from the start. In just one session you will see the difference.

This treatment is ideal for both men and women. If your face has many blemishes and acne scars, with the Fotona Dynamis laser treatment, you can eliminate any imperfections and regain confidence in your mirror image.

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At Arques Clinic we have the best technology to combat skin blemishes

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Blemish Removal with the Fotona Laser: More about the treatment

The treatment for removing skin blemishes with the Fotona Dynamis Laser is not invasive to the skin, nor is it painful. As it is not necessary to go through the operating room, the procedure is much faster and simpler. This treatment is based on the application of the laser to those areas of the skin where you want to remove blemishes. However, what differentiates the Fotona Dynamis laser from the rest is that it acts directly on the deeper layers of the skin without damaging the tissues, so that the superficial layers will not be harmed by the treatment.

The action of the laser on the skin translates into the elimination of blemishes and age spots. Furthermore, in just 30 minutes it will restore and improve the quality of the skin, increasing collagen levels for better conservation and duration of the treatment results.

Like all the treatments we perform at Arques Clinic, the Fotona Dynamis Laser anti-blemish treatment is a safe treatment that is carried out by expert and highly qualified professionals. In addition, it has been certified by medical institutions and has national and international quality certificates.

Another of the great advantages of the blemish removal treatment with the Fotona Dynamis laser is that as it is an outpatient treatment, and not requiring surgical intervention, it allows life to go on as normal after the first session and the rest of the sessions are carried out based on the medical indications of our clinic’s experts.

Results Spot Removal with Fotona Dynamis Laser

© Courtesy of: Fotona – Giuseppe Ivano Luppino, M.D.

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Anti-stain treatment with Fotona Dynamis Laser at Arques Clinic Marbella

Do you want to know more information about this anti-blemish treatment with Fotona Dynamis laser? Get in touch with us! You will have a completely free informative session in which you will be able to learn a little more about this treatment and we can advise you based on your requirements and needs, as well as personal characteristics. If you are satisfied, you can stay to start the treatment that same day.

The best treatment for the removal of blemishes with Fotona Dynamis laser is in Marbella and it is in Arques Clinic. Don’t wait any longer and bring your skin back to life.

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