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Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation in Malaga

Re-build firmness in the muscles in your intimate area, lend beauty to the appearance of the genitalia and enhance the quality of your sexual relations without the need for surgery using Fotona laser treatment at our aesthetic medicine clinic in Marbella.

Painless, swift and with a 97% satisfaction rate

Aging, pregnancy, childbirth and hormonal changes linked to the onset of the menopause are all factors that trigger loss of firmness in the pelvic muscles.

As a result, vaginal relaxation syndrome occurs; a gradual sagging that affects your sex life and has an adverse effect on your self-esteem.

Rejuvenate your Vaginal area Without the need for Surgery

Vaginal rejuvenation treatment using the Fotona laser stimulates natural production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin in the vagina, enabling your intimate area to regain its optimal muscle tone without needing to go under the knife.

  • It tightens the muscles and strengthens the pelvic floor.
  • It enhances sexual pleasure and the aesthetics of the genitalia.
  • It enhances sexual pleasure and the aesthetics of the genitalia.
  • No need for anaesthesia, incisions or surgery.
  • Immediate resumption of everyday activities following treatment.
  • Gradual improvement from the first session.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment in Marbella

Price: In the region of 600€ per session
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Strengthen your intimate area and derive pleasure from sexual relations once again

What does laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment consist of?

The Fotona laser involves a painless, minimally invasive procedure with no side effects entailing the application of a laser which heats the vaginal walls and stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in order to reverse the effects of aging in your intimate area and enhance your sexual relations.

In just 2 sessions lasting barely 30 minutes per session, this innovative laser technique will help the tissues in the vaginal area regain their original structure, firmness and tone, strengthening the muscles.

Regain Your Self-confidence

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We can Help you with Common Queries

Fotona laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation is a safe, painless and effective treatment that has no side effects.

All medical procedures we undertake at Arques Clinic are performed by our qualified medical professionals.

In addition, the treatment has been approved by the most demanding medical security and protocol monitoring institutions in the world and it has received national and international quality certificates.

It is not. One of the benefits of the Fotona laser technique is that it is a painless, minimally invasive outpatient treatment; therefore, no surgery or incisions are needed and the feeling of pain is reduced as far as possible.

You will only detect a sensation of localised warmth during the application of laser treatment which will fade away following completion of the session.

While the Fotona laser offers a painless outpatient treatment option that does not require anaesthesia or need drugs to be administered, the only effective alternative is surgery which constitutes a more aggressive procedure, entails certain risks, calls for pre-operative care and has a substantially longer recovery period.

Although each individual case should be assessed beforehand by a specialist doctor, laser genital rejuvenation treatment is suitable for women of all ages who suffer loss of elasticity in their intimate area owing to vaginal relaxation syndrome, the menopause, pregnancy, obstetric trauma, natural aging, decreased sexual sensation and sexual dissatisfaction.

To a certain extent, this will depend on the condition of each patient; however, generally speaking just 2 sessions are required, although you will notice a change after the very first session.

Fotona laser application is an outpatient treatment that does not require anaesthesia or admission to hospital; accordingly, you can resume a normal life as soon as you leave the clinic.

Indeed you will. It is precisely because we receive many patients from cities and provinces further afield that we reserve slots in the day to allow you to embark on your treatment on the very day you are given your free consultation.

Regain Vaginal Tightness and Lend Beauty to your Intimate Area

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