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mesoterapia marbella

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    At Arques Clinic, we perform Mesotherapy in Marbella using the most advanced technology to combat cellulite, sagging skin, and fat accumulation.

    Thanks to Mesotherapy, elastin fibers are strengthened, collagen production is activated, and cell activity is stimulated. It is a treatment that produces visible and natural results, achieving smooth, soft, and rejuvenated skin. Moreover, Mesotherapy is ideal for combining with other treatments such as cavitation or pressotherapy.

    It is very important to be in the hands of professionals like those we offer at our aesthetic clinic in Marbella, to properly administer the injections and achieve the expected results.

    We perform Mesotherapy in Marbella because it has proven its true power to combat and improve various problems such as scars, cellulite, stretch marks, sagging skin, fat reduction, wrinkles, and acne among many others.

    Mesotherapy Treatment in Marbella

    What is Mesotherapy?

    Mesotherapy, a non-surgical option in the field of aesthetic medicine, involves the application of multiple injections of medications, plant extracts, and vitamins to eliminate fat cells, thus promoting a healthier and more toned skin appearance. This treatment seeks not only to improve physical appearance, but also to promote overall skin health.

    What Does the Mesotherapy Treatment in Marbella Involve?

    The first step we take at our clinic when performing a Mesotherapy treatment in Marbella is to identify the areas to be treated. Before proceeding with the injections, it is important to clean the area well with alcohol.

    Mesotherapy involves making small injections with a low amount of medication under the skin’s surface to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. It is a painless and non-invasive treatment that does not require a recovery process.

    The number of sessions needed will depend on each particular case. No more than two sessions per week can be performed to achieve the best results. Mesotherapy achieves visible, long-lasting results.

    Once the treatment is completed, annual maintenance will be needed to achieve more lasting results and a perfectly youthful-looking skin.

    Mesoterapia Marbella
    Choosing Arques Clinic, you trust a team of professionals with extensive experience and obtain great results
    Rosario Barroso gutierrez
    Rosario Barroso gutierrez
    Muy contenta con el tratamiento de Ultherapy de mano del doctor Arques y la radiofrecuencia con Inma.
    Eri Guldfeldt
    Eri Guldfeldt
    Dygtige folk
    Magnífico trato dispensado por Marta y Mónica Morillo, asistentas del doctor Arqués y muy contento con el resultado del tratamiento! Gran dedicación y profesionalidad, la verdad que un gusto cada vez que visito la clínica.
    inigo lopez
    inigo lopez
    Mónica Morillo me ha atendido hoy día 31 de octubre , de una manera profesional y muy servicial , es una persona maravillosa hacía tiempo que no recibía este tipo de trato. El tratamiento ha estado increíble
    adela Jiménez Bernal
    adela Jiménez Bernal
    Estoy encantada con todos la verda y en especial con la doctora Salas y con Mónica Morillo, muy recomendable

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