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Dr Arques, as well as his team of professionals, aim to improve the lifestyle of those who visit us through facial and body treatments, optimizing health, self steem, physical condition and signs of aging.

Always using the latest tecniques, Dr Arques and his team understand that balance is the key to happiness. Health and beauty go hand in hand, thus our mission is to achieve harmony between face and body, always taking into consideration each and every patients features.

Dr. Mario Arques Jiménez
Dr. Mario Arques Jiménez

Dr. Mario Arques dedicated to medicine for 20 years, graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Granada in 1995 and with a Masters degree in Aesthetic Medicine by the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

He began his activity in aesthetic medicine through assistance to numerous accredited courses and by performing the Masters in Aesthetic Medicine in URJC. He began developing his medical work in the Andalusian Health Service, where he has had care and direct duties with advanced level crediting the Clinical Management Almanzora by the Agency for Health Quality of Andalusia.

Currently still he is forming in prestigious academies and holds courses, workshops, conferences and national and international conferences. He is a physician pioneer incorporating the latest techniques for the implementation of its beauty treatments as well as the highest quality products in professional consensus, getting to be the best in their field.

Furthermore, it’s close and empathetic character, and by the skill with which it conducts its facial and body aesthetic treatments, makes patients feel very safe and quiet in the hands of Dr. Mario Arques and leaves them fully satisfied with the consultation, actively involved in their follow-up throughout the planned process of aesthetic improvement.

As added, it’s needed to be said that he is a doctor of the Critical Care and Emergency Unit, having taught at the Andalusian School of Public Safety for several years, providing greater confidence to all patients who are placed in his hands.

Dra. Mar Valenzuela
Dra. Mar Valenzuela

We have the pleasure to introduce you to Dr Mar Valenzuela, wonderful person and top professional, she has double nationality, british and spanish, being able to work in both countries, and knowing both sistems to perfection. Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at Granada University, where she also did the specialty of GP. She further developed her career, studying the specialty of Aesthetics Medicine at Manchester, taking advantage of all the tecniques learnt during her time spent between Manchester and Liverpool, where she also worked at the NHS for a period of 8 years.

Like the rest of the team, Dr Valenzuela, agrees with the Arques philosophy, she is more than a doctor dedicated to aesthetics, she is who helps others change what they don’t like or wish to improve about themselves, providing happiness and well being; she believes, like the rest of the team, that body, mind and soul should always be in perfect harmony.

Thus, if we feel good we will for sure try and seek the feeling of fullness. We look after our patients in a global manner, not only thinking about aesthetics, but also from a holistic point of view. We focus in understanding their needs, their worries, their fears, and of course their concept of beauty. Our formula is not exclusively aimed towards aesthetics, but also towards health and happiness, so life is enjoyed without having to think about age.

Dr Valenzuela, is also mother of 3; 2 boys and 1 girl, being completely aware of how stressfull it can sometimes become trying to combine a professional with a personal lifestyle. Her philosophy is to isolate each patients needs, in order to offer them the best treatment possible, according to their expectations.

We are a team which sticks together and veals for the neccesities of each patient, as we thoroughly believe this is how the most satisfactory results can be achieved. At Arques Clinic, we are aware from day one, people trust us when it comes to their appearance and future, being this a great responsibility for us all. This is why we are constantly learning, and attending seminars, as this sector is continuosly expanding with innovative tecniques. Its a great pride for this fantastic team of professionals to transmit our knowledge and work together  like a family to help each and every patient reach their dreams.

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