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    Thread Lifts in Marbella. Facial Rejuvenation through thread lift treatments in Marbella.

    As years go by, skin loses firmness and elasticity, leading to wrinkles, expression lines, and sagging that diminish the young and healthy appearance we all seek.

    Although many people wish to regain the youthful state of their face, many surgical interventions are often reconsidered due to the lengthy and painful recovery period. However, there are various non-surgical lifting techniques that can help erase years from our face and eliminate sagging from within, in an easier and safer manner.

    At Arques Clinic, we offer a variety of Thread Lift treatments:

    • PDO Threads, also known as Magic Threads or Mini Threads, stimulate tissues and collagen formation, resulting in skin regeneration and tissue tightening.
    • Silhouette Threads, a more modern technique that offers a minimally invasive way to achieve a lifting effect.

    Thread Lift Treatment

    What are Thread Lifts?

    Discover non-surgical facial rejuvenation with the thread lift treatment in Marbella, an innovative technique that is revolutionising facial aesthetics methods. Thread lifts, also known as magic threads, are fine biocompatible strands that are inserted into the skin to cause an immediate lifting effect and naturally stimulate collagen production, resulting in firmer, more elastic, and rejuvenated skin.

    In our clinic, we use body-friendly and completely safe materials, avoiding allergies and compatibility issues due to chemical substances. These high-quality materials are absorbable, thus becoming one with our body, acting immediately and naturally to achieve the expected and satisfactory results in patients.

    Recovery is very quick as it is a minimally invasive treatment with relatively low pain levels, and in many cases, it is painless. Patients can return to their daily activities in a short time.

    What does the Thread Lift treatment in Marbella involve?

    The thread lift treatment in Marbella is ideal for those seeking notable results without the need to undergo surgical procedures. This treatment is minimally invasive and performed under local anaesthesia, ensuring a practically painless experience for the patient. The threads are inserted into specific areas of the face or neck, according to individual needs, and work to lift and reaffirm the skin from within. In addition to offering an immediate lifting effect, the threads stimulate cell regeneration and collagen production in the months following their application, thus continuously improving the quality and texture of the skin.

    At Arques Clinic, we carry out the Thread Lift technique, using PDO Threads and Silhouette Threads.

    The PDO Threads, also known as Magic Threads, are applied safely and effectively, using small threads of Polydioxanone that perform a stimulating function on the skin and tissues, recreating the production of collagen and fibroblasts, which regenerate the skin and give firmness to problematic areas.

    In the case of Silhouette Threads, it is a relatively new technique in Spain that achieves a lifting effect through a minimally invasive process. Silhouette Lift. They are a good alternative to combat sagging cheeks, regain the definition of the jawline, and the sagging of the neck. They are re-absorbable threads with polylactic acid cones that are introduced into the skin with a needle. The threads are anchored within the tissue, allowing for the tightening and lifting of facial tissue.

    Hilos Tensores Marbella

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    Rosario Barroso gutierrez
    Rosario Barroso gutierrez
    Muy contenta con el tratamiento de Ultherapy de mano del doctor Arques y la radiofrecuencia con Inma.
    Eri Guldfeldt
    Eri Guldfeldt
    Dygtige folk
    Magnífico trato dispensado por Marta y Mónica Morillo, asistentas del doctor Arqués y muy contento con el resultado del tratamiento! Gran dedicación y profesionalidad, la verdad que un gusto cada vez que visito la clínica.
    inigo lopez
    inigo lopez
    Mónica Morillo me ha atendido hoy día 31 de octubre , de una manera profesional y muy servicial , es una persona maravillosa hacía tiempo que no recibía este tipo de trato. El tratamiento ha estado increíble
    adela Jiménez Bernal
    adela Jiménez Bernal
    Estoy encantada con todos la verda y en especial con la doctora Salas y con Mónica Morillo, muy recomendable

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