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tensor threads marbella

Tensor Threads in Marbella

PDO and Silhouette Threads

Tensor threads in Marbella. Facial rejuvenation treatments through tension wires in Marbella.

Over the years, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, causing wrinkles, expression lines and sagging that end the young and healthy appearance we seek.

Although many people want to regain the youthful look of their face, many surgeries are something people think twice about, because they require a very prolonged period of painful recovery. However, there are different techniques of non-surgical facelift that will help us erase years from our face and eliminate sagging from the inside in an easier and safer way.

Arques Clinic offers several treatments with tensor threads:

  • PDO threads, also known as magic threads or mini threads, stimulate tissues and the formation of collagen, producing a regeneration of the skin and tensing the tissue.
  • Silhouette threads, a new technique in Spain constitutes a minimally invasive way to achieve a lifting effect.

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    Your Tensor Threads Treatment in Marbella

    Placing your trust in Arques Clinic and our professionals has many advantages and provides great added value.

    • 2016 Social Enterprise Awards Winners.
    • Certificate of Responsible Use of BIO Materials.
    • Responsible Aesthetic Medicine.
    • Easy Financing.
    • Professionals with extensive experience.
    • Partners of the United Nations Global Compact.

    What are Tensor Threads?

    Today, the fear of going under the knife is a thing of the past thanks to various options of non-surgical lifting that give a more radiant look, as is the case of tensor threads.

    This treatment is gentle compared to others that practically involve surgery, including cuts and much pain.

    Our clinic uses body-friendly and completely safe materials, preventing allergies and compatibility issues from chemicals. These quality materials are reabsorbed, they become one with our body, acting immediately and naturally, achieving the expected satisfactory results in patients.

    Recovery is very fast because it is a minimally invasive treatment. It is relatively, and in some cases completely, painless. Patients can return in no time to their daily activities.

    What does it involve?

    hilos-tensores-foto2The treatment with PDO threads, also known as magic threads, is performed in a safe and efficient manner, using small Polydioxanone threads that stimulate the skin and tissue, creating again the production of collagen and fibroblasts, which regenerate skin and give firmness to the problem areas.

    The process is simple: using a non-surgical technique, small threads are placed in areas that are to be rejuvenated, such as the neck and the face. It is all strategically done, by using a very fine needle. After that, the threads begin to be reabsorbed, becoming virtually invisible. Facial wrinkles, drooping brows and sagging in the neck are cleared effectively, giving a firm appearance.

    Silhouette threads are a new technique in Spain that achieves a lifting effect through a minimally invasive process. Silhouette Lift. They are a good alternative to combat sagging cheeks and neck and to recover the definition of the jawline.

    These are re-absorbable threads with cones with polylactic acid that are inserted into the skin with a needle. The threads are anchored within the tissue, allowing the tensing and lifting of the facial tissue.

    Arques Clinic is one of the few clinics that uses the Silhouette threads technique, because it is novel, but it is certainly revolutionising the ways to look beautiful every day.

    Ask and find out more at Arques Clinic, where you will receive a kind and personalised service.

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