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stop snoring treatment

Treatment to Stop Snoring

Fotona Laser Treatment, a Natural Snoring Remedy

Snoring and apnea disrupt sleep and diminish the quality of rest, affecting both the individual suffering from these conditions and the person lying next to them.

A bad night’s sleep can be very tiring and have substantial effects on your body:

  • Headache.
  • Cardiovascular risk and sudden death.
  • Depression and increased irritability.
  • A feeling of drowsiness
  • Difficulty in concentrating.
  • Fatigue throughout the day.

Fotona Laser Treatment to Stop Snoring

Full treatment (3 sessions) for only €1200

Fotona Laser Treatment to Stop Snoring and to Regain Quality of Life

Fotona laser treatment to stop snoring is an innovative, painless, non-invasive technique that eases the intensity of snoring without the need for surgery, drugs or external sleep aids.

  • It favours quality sleep.
  • It reduces interruptions to oxygen caused by apnea.
  • It eases the intensity and extent of snoring.
  • No side-effects or soreness.
  • Resume your day-to-day activities immediately following treatment.
  • Long-lasting results and improvement from the very first session.
stop snoring treatment

What does Fotona laser treatment to stop snoring consist of?

The application of the Fotona laser consists of an outpatient treatment. This means that the patient does not require anaesthesia and does not need to be admitted to hospital.

Using the laser, heat is applied which penetrates into the throat region triggering collagen contraction in tissues in the pharynx to encourage the tightening of them, allowing air to flow smoothly during breathing.

The effects will be noticeable from the very first session and after merely 3 treatment sessions you can regain rest at night time and naturally reduce snoring.

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stop snoring treatment

Do you have any queries?

It is not. One of the benefits of the Fotona laser technique is that it does not require surgery or incisions; therefore, you will not feel any pain. You will only detect a sensation of localised warmth during the treatment session.
It certainly is. The Fotona laser is a technological procedure that is performed by our qualified medical professionals. In addition, the treatment has been certified and approved by the most demanding national and international medical security and protocol institutions.
At Arques Clinic we only work using reliable techniques that boast proven effectiveness.

Although Fotona laser treatment to stop snoring has high success rates reaching an effectiveness of nigh on 100%, its ultimate success will depend on the condition of each patient.

Moreover, it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that if you drink alcohol or go to bed when you are in a profoundly tired state, you may experience certain spells of snoring or need the occasional enhancement session to improve the tension of the tissue in your pharynx.

Nevertheless, if you follow the medical advice we will give you in our clinic you will experience substantial, long-lasting improvement.

Indeed you can. Fotona laser application does not require any pre-operative care, anaesthesia or admission to hospital; accordingly, you can resume a normal life as soon as you leave the clinic.
The positive effects will gradually become enhanced as we progress session by session. Nevertheless, you will feel an improvement even after the first application of treatment.

The alternatives to application of the Fotona laser to stop snoring include administration of drugs or surgery.

The drawback with drugs is that they need to be taken over an extended period of time, they have side effects and they are contraindicated for certain individuals.

Surgery calls for long-drawn-out recovery periods and it entails greater risks; accordingly, this is best reserved as a last resort.

The Fotona laser is a painless, non-invasive outpatient treatment that has no side effects. Using a simple technique, your throat can recover its optimal structure in order to ease the flow of air during breathing, thus reducing snoring and apnea.

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Benefit from quality sleep once more and get back your quality of life. At long last you will benefit from a good night’s sleep.

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stop snoring treatment
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