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vaginal biostimulation

Vaginal Biostimulation Marbella

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

Thanks to vaginal biostimulation with PRP (platelet rich plasma), the vaginal tissue rejuvenates, which improves sexual responses and reduces mild stress incontinence.

This is a treatment aimed at women who are in the postmenopausal period in which the loss of hormones is notable. This makes the vaginal mucosa lose elasticity and consequently causes painful intercourse and various urinary problems such as infections or incontinence.

Until recently, this problem was only treated with the application of creams with vaginal hormones that slightly improved the loss of vaginal elasticity but they only had a superficial effect.

Today, thanks to technological advances, our Marbella clinic can offer vaginal biostimulation with PRP. This is because of the great results obtained thanks to the action of growth factors.

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    What is Vaginal Biostimulation with Platelet-Rich Plasma?

    Vaginal biostimulation performed with PRP is a fairly new technique with which it is possible to increase the moisture of the vaginal mucosa to eliminate the aches and pains during sex or to reduce other related problems such as infections.

    What does the treatment involve?

    vaginal biostimulation

    The procedure is relatively simple: a small amount of blood is extracted from the patient to obtain the platelet-rich plasma by centrifugation. After being activated, it is injected into the genital area to be treated.

    The growth factors stimulate collagen regeneration, vascularisation and the arrival of nutrients necessary for tissue repair, improving vaginal tightening.
    Although every person may have a different response to treatment with PRP in the genital area and a different sexual response, this treatment has the following beneficial effects:

    • Greater excitement from clitoral stimulation
    • Younger and smoother skin around the vagina
    • Easier vaginal opening
    • More intense and frequent orgasms
    • Increased sexual desire
    • Decreased pain in women with dyspareunia (painful intercourse)
    • Increased natural lubrication
    • Decreased urinary incontinence
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