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vaginal dryness

Vaginal Dryness Treatment Marbella

Augmentation of Labia Majora for Aesthetic Purposes and to Avoid Infections

Vaginal dryness is a problem that affects a large number of women and becomes more noticeable at menopause. We help you fight it with Desirial, an antioxidant hyaluronic acid gel.

The Isdin Laboratory presents a specific product for female genital rejuvenation: Desirial, the first antioxidant hyaluronic acid gel formulated to preserve the intimate health of women.

The most interesting part of its indications is undoubtedly its use in the treatment of female genital functionality disorders, including the dryness of the vulva (most pronounced during menopause). This dryness in intimate areas will produce a lack of lubrication and increased susceptibility to urogenital infection in the area and even pain in intimate relations. The application of Desirial at the level of the most intimate area and the vestibule, thanks to the intrinsic properties of this gel, will keep the moisture in this area and will restore the pH, significantly reducing these symptoms.

Price: €75/month or €900.

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    Get your Vaginal Dryness Treatment in Marbella

    Placing your trust in Arques Clinic and our professionals has many advantages and provides great added value.

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    What does Isdin offer?

    Isdin also offers Desirial Plus, its second presentation of reticulated hyaluronic acid whose indication is reshaping the labia majora. Its application is oriented to correct aesthetic defects whenever the patient perceives them and to treat and add volume to the labia majora if their reduced size produces a sensation of friction or similar discomfort.

    When we manage to raise and cover the labia minora, there will be logically fewer recurrent infections because the area will be more protected and the pH will not change so irregularly.


    vaginal dryness

    The duration of treatment with volumiser or reshaper is one year and a half.

    As we can see, it is not just an aesthetic issue. Rather, this treatment serves to address and solve a major problem in female genital health.

    In all the issues treated, augmenting labia majora, vaginal dryness or improvement of intimate relations with the partner, treated patients declare they notice a nicer vulva, a feeling of turgidity and they no longer have recurrent infections.

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