We are the #FaB: the new Fiftyish Generation

Sooner or later, we reach an age where we are traditionally labelled ‘seniors’ or ‘late fiftysomethings’. I am about to turn 50 and I honestly do not feel identified with what those words mean at all. So, instead of being referred to as someone in my late fifties, I’d rather say ‘I am fiftyish’, a term that is commonly used now.

The meaning of being in one’s fifties has changed a great deal over the past 20 years and when we think about this age we no longer associate it with ‘being old’. This is why the traditional phrase ‘being a late fiftysomething’ is now being replaced by ‘being fiftyish’ or in the #FaB (fifty and beyond) generation.

What is unquestionable is that nowadays turning 50 no longer means that it’s all downhill from now on. I testify to this as I do not feel old and I belong to this group.

What traits do ‘fiftyish’ people have in common?

We only have to look around us to see that the fiftyish generation is in really good health on all levels. Such people are more active and intellectually curious. They feel fit and full of life. Moreover, their life experiences make them more critically aware and better placed to cope with and solve all types of situations.

For fiftyish people, innovation is an exhilarating challenge. When it comes to new technologies, the #FaB generation embrace them in the same way as thirtysomethings and even twentysomethings. They access and absorb the wealth of information available on the Internet. They read up on and make enquiries about issues on a daily basis. Indeed, this is illustrated by their health.

Preventive Health instead of Reactive Health

The formula adopted by ‘fiftyish’ people to help them stay so young is their capacity to anticipate things that will happen.

This is why they will see a doctor every so often for preventive medical check-ups. They are also concerned about eating healthily and exercising on a regular basis.

In addition, they spend time taking care of their skin, hair, teeth, and so on. Far from feeling old, people in the #FaB generation are proud of being in their 50s. In other words, they do not choose to look after themselves to hide their age and try to look younger; rather, they do it because they want to look nicer and make the most of their excellent health condition.

The ‘fiftyish’ vision

Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained thus far by this generation, the reality is viewed in a new light and some ideas change for the better compared to how they seemed at a younger age.

For instance, in your 50s the burden of social pressure eases and the need to impress or please others becomes less important.

Social success is put into perspective and self-awareness and self-fulfilment take on a greater role. People in the #FaB generation feel satisfied with themselves and want to make the most of their lives.

This is one of the reasons why the feeling of confidence, security and energy among those in the ‘fiftyish’ generation transforms them into young people who are brimming with ideas, projects and aspirations.

While every decade that went by in someone’s life after they turned 40 was a reason to feel down in the past; nowadays, being 50 is synonymous with health, satisfaction and optimism at every turn.

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