How to Stop Snoring without the need for Surgery

How to Stop Snoring without the need for Surgery

Is there any way to stop snoring and eradicate the noise?

65% of men and 35% of women snore on a regular basis. Conventionally, the only solution to solve this bothersome night time noise was to undergo surgery or grin and bear it.

Under the weather or under the knife! Is it true that there are now other treatments and alternatives to beat snoring?

What is Snoring and why does it Happen?

Snoring refers to the sound produced by the flutter of the soft parts in the throat during breathing associated with sleep. This flutter occurs because the tissues become floppy as the muscles relax during sleep.

Health Consequences Associated with snoring

Snoring disrupts your rest and diminishes your sleep quality, leading to tiredness during the day, irritability and impaired performance. Moreover, in most cases it is associated with a more severe disorder: OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

During apnea, your breathing is interrupted and the brain is deprived of oxygen causing the body to wake up to breathe. These episodes can occur up to 100 times an hour and it is estimated that 4% of the adult population suffers from apnea.

Besides the obvious lack of rest caused by various interruptions to your night time sleep pattern, snoring and apnea have negative effects during the day as well.

Lack of proper rest causes fatigue and drowsiness from early in the morning. Moreover, it hinders concentration and increases the likelihood of suffering from depression, headache, irritability, cardiovascular diseases, cerebral infarction, cancer and even sudden death.

Although snorers are the main victims of these problems, we should not forget the person lying next to the individual snoring as their quality of sleep is also affected and they too are exposed to the same risks as the snorer.

Treatments for Preventing Snoring: can snoring be cured?

Until fairly recently, the only solution in order to try and end snoring was to undergo surgery, although the results were not always perfect and patients had to go under the knife (which rarely arouses any enthusiasm): Nose job surgery. Removal of the tonsils or adenoids. Surgery to reduce the size of the palate and throat. The good news is that nowadays we can benefit from the Fotona laser: a painless, long-lasting outpatient treatment that tightens the pharyngeal region by applying heat to the tissues easily, swiftly and without the need for surgery.

The Fotona Laser Stop Ronquidos treatment to stop snoring makes it possible to eradicate the noise of snoring, minimise the effects of apnea and allow patients to benefit from quality sleep once again. What is more, patients will notice an improvement from the very first application of treatment.

Likewise, this treatment does not require oral devices or medication.

Advice to Reduce Snoring

Although it is difficult to try and stop snoring simply by changing your habits, there are a number of recommendations that can help to reduce the intensity of snoring:

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and do sport regularly

Avoid using tranquilisers and antihistamines before going to sleep to prevent the muscles in the throat area from becoming too relaxed

Avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed

Eat your dinner sparingly and avoid large amounts of food last thing at night

Avoid excessive tiredness

Sleep on your side rather than on your back

Keep the level of your head slightly above the rest of your body

Avoid becoming overweight and do not smoke

Is Fotona the right treatment for anyone who wants to stop snoring?

Before undergoing any treatment, it is essential to undertake an assessment by a specialist doctor.

We can say that, generally speaking, Fotona treatment is suitable for all types of individuals who snore and want to improve the quality of their sleep without the need for surgery as it is a painless, non-invasive and simple-to-apply procedure that has no side effects and does not leave the patient with soreness.

Fotona Laser treatment to stop snoring tends to need several sessions (typically three) each lasting around 20 minutes long.

Nevertheless, the medical team will be responsible for determining the length of Fotona treatment required to stop snoring.

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