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Tattoo Removal Marbella


Tattoo Removal Marbella

Tattoo removal in Marbella, at Arques Clinic we effectively remove those tattoos that you had done a long time ago and you no longer want. All our customers are very satisfied with the results and have total confidence in our tattoo removal.

At Arques Clinic, we are a pioneering centre in Marbella that has invested a lot in the use of Q-Switched laser technology for removing tattoos regardless of colour or size. Our treatments are completely painless and leave no stains, marks or damage to your skin. Achieving high quality and very effective results, Arques Clinic cares about your satisfaction and the well-being of your skin, in order to achieve the best results in tattoo removal.

Not only do we make use of the most innovative technology on the market for the removal of your tattoos in Marbella, but we also have a great team of professionals and experts who will take care of reassuring, advising and accompanying you throughout the removal process. If you are looking for a tattoo removal clinic in Marbella, at Arques Clinic we have everything you need to erase your tattoos.

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    Arques Clinic also perform tattoo removal treatments in Estepona, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Sotogrande y Gibraltar

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    Permanent Tattoo Removal

    Trust our team of tattoo removal professionals in Marbella

    At Arques Clinic, we are experienced and have a long track record in the tattoo removal sector that has provided us with some renown, we currently have many customers who come not only from Marbella, but also from other areas.

    For the process of removing your tattoos we use Q-Switched technology, this type of laser perfectly eliminates the smallest tattoos, larger ones and those with several colours. Thanks to the multiple wavelengths, it is the only type of laser that produces short pulses of light that penetrate the most superficial layers of the skin to remove tattoo ink underneath.

    Our team of professionals is committed to this type of technology as it generates powerful nanosecond pulses making it really effective for tattoo removal in Marbella. The effectiveness of this laser can be seen from the first session, creating a big difference in the structure of the tattoos being erased, no matter whether larger or smaller, pigmented or not.

    Why leave the tattoo removal process in our hands?

    The main reason why you should leave the tattoo removal process in Marbella in our hands is because we are specialists in tattoo removal and, as previously mentioned, proof of this is the steady of influx of customers we receive, who are always very satisfied with the results of our customer service and tattoo removal.

    In addition, we are aware that sometimes you tend to postpone tattoo removal or do not remove it and simply try to cover it up with makeup or other clothing for fear that the tattoo removal process will be very painful.

    However, this is not something you need worry about at Arques Clinic, since the Q-Switched laser technology we use for the tattoo removal process is completely painless and respectful of your skin, leaving no mark or scar.

    If you are looking for a centre specialised in tattoo removal in Marbella, think no more and come to Arques Clinic. We have everything you are looking for in tattoo removal with highly innovative and competitive laser technology on the market to offer you the best results.

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