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Non surgical Arques Advanced IPL Facial, Cleavage and hand Rejuvenation Medical Treatment

Fights aging naturally and corrects wrinkles, age spots and spider veins in only 30 minutes with th latest advanced medical technology

Can you imagine a treatment capable of simultaneously reduce wrinkles, skin spots and spider veins?

Thanks to Arques Clinic Advanced IPL Medical, treatment it is  possible to recover the beauty and youth of the skin without having to treat each área individually.

Fine wrinkles

Spots and freckles

Open pores

Spider Veins




Tone loss

The most innovative and powerful progress in Responsible Aesthetic Medicine, put at your service to provide natural, immediate and long lasting results.

  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Corrects blemishes, scars and spider veins
  • Recovers the brightness of your skin
  • Improves the texture and quality of your skin
  • Natural and immediate results
  • No side effects or complications
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Immediate recovery
  • Effective on face, hands and cleaveage

Arques Advanced IPL Rejuvenation Medical Treatment in Marbella

Treatment Price:

From 20€/month

200€/session | Offer: 3 Sessions only 499€

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Frequently Asked Questions about Arques Advanced IPL Medical Treatment

This revolutionary Non invasive Treatment from Arques Aesthetic Medicine Clinic,  uses the most advanced IPL machinery within International Aesthetic Medicine.

IPL Medical Advanced corrects facial wrinkles, spots and spider veins  revitalizes skin and recovers its natural quality in face, neck and hands without surgery.

IPL Medical Advanced is based on applying a broadband light in the lower layers of the skin without altering the external tissues.

In just 30 minutes, it acts in the deeper layers gradually improving skin tone and texture, removing spots, redness, open pores, fine wrinkles and recovering luminosity.

As this technique works from the inner skin,   It stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin, providing immediate results which increase which gradually increase during days.

IPL Advanced Medical Rejuvenation treatment can be done in all three areas (facial, neck and hands) or just one.

It´s technique can easily be adapted to the needs of each person.

The treatment is done with the most powerful and advanced technology that exists, and is supported by the most demanding international organizations. It is completely safe and effective.

In addition, at Arques Clinic all treatments are performed by professional and qualified medical team.

This depends on each patient.

Although you will see results with a single session, you may need between 3 to 5 sessions to achieve the desired results.

However, during your consultation, the specialist doctor will make a diagnosis of your skin with a personalized guide.

The answer depends on the quality of the skin of each patient, their lifestyle and their habits.

However, although Arques Advanced IPL Medical offers natural and lasting results, in some cases it is recommended to repeat the treatment every year to enhance the effects.

You will also see results straight after the first sesión, and since it acts from inside the skin, as the body revives production of collagen and elastin you notice an increase on the effects.

As we can not predict how long the effects will last, we can confirm you will achieve the maximum possible results available, as we use the latest technology available in the IPL treatments world.

No. It ‘s painless, outpatient, minimally invasive, so you do not need to make incisions nor surgery.

All you feel is a slight sensation of heat in the treated área which will disappear when the session ends.

Both men and women aged 18 to 85 years, although the most common is the age range between 35-65 years.

Of course! As a skin regeneration treatment, you should avoid sun exposure on the treated área during the days after treatment, however after a reasonable period of time, you’ll be able to sunbathe if you want to.

We recommend you always use sunscreen health reasons.

You can recover your normal activities immediately after treatment. You can even use makeup no problem.

The only recommendation is to use sunscreen during the following days.

Thanks to the Arques Advanced IPL Medical treatment, you can correct wrinkles, age spots and spider veins on face, hands and neckline without peelings, dermabrasion or surgery.

It acts globally and fights all manifestations of skin simultaneously.

As we use the latest technology in IPL rejuvenation treatments, it is possible to achieve effective results which other less advanced machines don´t deliver.

As an alternative to the intense pulsed light, the most common is the use of creams, but these don´t penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, therefore results are not so effective.

In addition, IPL intense pulsed light Is a non – invasive treatment, which avoids surgery, incisions and complications which can happen in the operating room.

Yes. Precisely because we received many visits from other cities and provinces, we booked a few hours a day so you can start the treatment the same day of the consultation.

Enjoy the pleasure of showing off you neck and hands and recover a boost of youth in your face!

Arques IPL Medical Advanced Treatemnt: Innovation transformed into beauty.

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