Arques IPL Advanced Treatment

Arques IPL Advanced Treatment, supervised by a Medical Team for Facial Rejuvenation, Hands and Décolletage without the need for surgery.

ipl avanzada marbella

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    Combat the signs of ageing naturally and correct wrinkles, blemishes, and spider veins in just 30 minutes with cutting-edge advanced medical technology.

    Can you imagine a treatment capable of reducing wrinkles, skin spots, and spider veins all at once?

    Thanks to the Advanced IPL treatment supervised by the Arques Clinic Medical Team, it’s now possible to regain the beauty and youth of your skin without having to treat each symptom separately.

    Regain skin health and enjoy smooth and uniform skin with natural results

    Frequently Asked Questions about Arques IPL Advanced Treatment supervised by a Medical Team

    This revolutionary non-invasive treatment at Arques Aesthetic Medicine Clinic uses the innovation of the most advanced IPL machinery in International Aesthetic Medicine.

    Advanced Medical IPL effectively corrects facial wrinkles, spots, and spider veins, as well as revitalizes the skin and restores its natural quality on the face, décolleté, and hands without surgery.

    Advanced Medical IPL is based on applying a broad band of light to the lower layers of the skin without altering the external tissues.

    In just 30 minutes, it acts on the deeper layers to gradually improve skin tone and texture, eliminate spots, redness, enlarged pores, fine wrinkles, and restore luminosity.

    Since this technique works from within the skin, it stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin, so the results are immediately visible and increase over days and weeks.

    The Advanced Medical IPL rejuvenation treatment can be performed on all three areas (face, décolleté, and hands) or just one.

    It’s a technique that adapts to the needs of each individual.

    The treatment uses the most powerful and advanced technology available and is endorsed by the most demanding international bodies. It is completely safe and effective.

    Moreover, at Arques Clinic, all treatments are performed by professional and qualified medical staff.

    It depends on the patient.

    Although you will see results with just one session, you may need between 3 and 5 sessions to achieve the desired results.

    However, during the free assessment session, the specialist doctor will diagnose your skin and guide you personally.

    The answer depends on each patient’s skin quality, lifestyle, and habits.

    However, even though Arques Advanced Medical IPL offers natural and long-lasting results, in some cases it is recommended to repeat the treatment yearly to enhance the effects.

    Moreover, you will see results immediately after the first session. And since it acts from within the skin, as the body reactivates collagen and elastin production, you will notice an increase in effects.

    While we can’t predict exactly how long the effects will last for you, we do affirm that you will achieve the maximum effects possible with today’s most cutting-edge IPL technology.

    No. It is painless, outpatient, and minimally invasive, so no incisions or surgery are necessary.

    You will only feel a slight sensation of warmth in the treated area that will disappear when the session is over.

    Both men and women aged between 18 and 85 years, although the most common range is 35-65 years.

    Of course! As it is a skin regeneration treatment, you should avoid sun exposure in the treated area for a few days after the treatment. But after a prudent period, you can go back to sunbathing if you wish.

    However, we always recommend that you use sunscreen for your health.

    You can resume your usual activities immediately after the treatment. You can even use makeup without any problem if you want to apply it to the face.

    The only recommendation the medical team will make is to use sunscreen in the following days.

    Thanks to the Arques Advanced Medical IPL treatment, it is possible to correct wrinkles, spots, and spider veins on the face, hands, and décolleté without the need for peelings, dermabrasions, surgery, or resorting to multiple procedures separately.

    It acts globally and combats all skin manifestations at the same time.

    Since we have the latest technology in IPL rejuvenation treatments, it is possible to achieve an effectiveness in results that other less advanced machines cannot reach.

    As an alternative to intense pulsed light, the most common is the use of creams, but they do not penetrate the deepest levels of the skin and the effects are not effective.

    In addition, intense pulsed light IPL is a non-invasive treatment, so it avoids surgery, incisions, and the complications that can occur in an operating room intervention.

    Yes. Precisely because we receive many visits from other cities and provinces, we reserve a few hours a day so that you can start the treatment on the same day as the free consultation.
    IPL avanzada Marbella

    Arques IPL Advanced Rejuvenation Treatment

    Trust Arques and its specialists to restore health to your skin

    Immediate and lasting results for perfect and healthy skin

    The most innovative and powerful advances in Responsible Aesthetic Medicine, at your service to provide you with natural, immediate, and lasting results.
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    Rosario Barroso gutierrez
    Rosario Barroso gutierrez
    Muy contenta con el tratamiento de Ultherapy de mano del doctor Arques y la radiofrecuencia con Inma.
    Eri Guldfeldt
    Eri Guldfeldt
    Dygtige folk
    Magnífico trato dispensado por Marta y Mónica Morillo, asistentas del doctor Arqués y muy contento con el resultado del tratamiento! Gran dedicación y profesionalidad, la verdad que un gusto cada vez que visito la clínica.
    inigo lopez
    inigo lopez
    Mónica Morillo me ha atendido hoy día 31 de octubre , de una manera profesional y muy servicial , es una persona maravillosa hacía tiempo que no recibía este tipo de trato. El tratamiento ha estado increíble
    adela Jiménez Bernal
    adela Jiménez Bernal
    Estoy encantada con todos la verda y en especial con la doctora Salas y con Mónica Morillo, muy recomendable

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