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Whitening of the vulva using laser treatment in Marbella

Regain a feeling of beauty in your intimate area with our treatment for whitening of the vulva using the Fotona laser at our aesthetic medicine clinic in Marbella.

Improve the aesthetics of your vulva. Boost your confidence and self-esteem

Aging, pregnancy, childbirth, hormonal changes linked to the menopause and genetic predisposition are all factors that can change the colour and condition of the skin in your intimate areas and cause it to darken.

Whitening of the vulva without the need for surgery

Treatment for whitening of the vulva using the Fotona laser involves the depigmentation of this area, enhancing the aesthetics of it right from the very first session.

  • It gradually whitens and discolours the vulva.
  • It enhances sexual relations.
  • It improves skin texture.
  • It is painless, comfortable and effective.
  • No need for incisions or surgery.
  • Immediate resumption of everyday activities.
  • Improvement from the first session.

Laser Treatment in Marbella for whitening of the vulva

Price: 299 € per session

Regain your self-esteem and a feeling of beauty in your intimate area

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What does whitening of the vulva using the Fotona laser consist of?

It involves a painless, minimally invasive procedure entailing decolouration of the darkest areas of the skin in the outer genitalia using laser application in order to improve its aesthetic appearance.

It can be applied to the pubic area, the groin area, the labia majora and the perianal area.

In merely 3 sessions each lasting 30 minutes this innovative laser technique will manage to endow you with a younger pinkish tone while stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in order to improve the texture and elasticity of the skin in this area.

Free diagnosis consultation for whitening of the vulva

Request your free consultation with a specialist doctor from Arques Clinic in order to discover your vulvar health condition and find out the specific details of genital whitening treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Treatment for Whitening of the Vulva

Treatment for whitening of the vulva using the Fotona laser is completely safe, painless and effective.

All medical procedures we undertake at Arques Clinic are performed by our qualified medical professionals.

In addition, the treatment has been approved by the most demanding medical security and protocol monitoring institutions in the world and it has received national and international quality certificates.

It is not. One of the benefits of the Fotona laser technique is that it is a painless, minimally invasive outpatient treatment; therefore, no surgery or incisions are needed and the feeling of pain is reduced as far as possible.

You will only detect a sensation of localised warmth during the application of laser treatment which will fade away shortly following completion of the session.

While the Fotona laser offers a painless outpatient treatment option that does not require anaesthesia or need drugs to be administered; surgery constitutes a more aggressive procedure, it calls for pre-operative care and the subsequent recovery period is substantially longer. In addition, there are a number of risks that are avoided with the laser technique.

Another alternative is to apply special creams; however, they do not penetrate to the innermost layers of the skin and the results are not as precise or efficient as those achieved using the Fotona laser.

Generally speaking just 3 sessions will be needed; nevertheless, this will depend on the degree of darkening exhibited by each individual patient.

During your free diagnosis session, a doctor will assess your condition and advise you as to whether or not any additional enhancement sessions may be required.

Fotona laser application is an outpatient treatment that does not require anaesthesia or admission to hospital; accordingly, you can resume a normal life as soon as you leave the clinic. It will merely be advisable for you to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight in the area treated.
  • Avoid wearing tight items of clothing immediately after application.

Indeed you will. It is precisely because we receive many patients from cities and provinces further afield that we reserve slots in the day to allow you to embark on your treatment on the very day you are given your free consultation.

Regain your confidence during those intimate moments, boost your feeling of wellbeing and enhance your self-esteem

Request your free consultation with a specialist doctor at our aesthetic medicine clinic in Marbella without delay

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