As a Doctor, My Opinion is that Aesthetic Medicine is of no use

We seem to be caught up in an endless, heated debate about whether it is more important to take care of our physical or our mental health.

The majority seem to agree that our mental health is the priority. Why is that? Disney films, which have such influence on our thinking, carry the message that inner beauty is what is important. And as a doctor I completely agree with this.

Perhaps this statement surprises you given that I am a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine?

It should not.

I believe that we can (and should) take care of both our outer and our inner beauty. And without the second, we cannot attain the first.

Let me take this idea a bit further.

Exterior versus Interior Beauty

My response to the eternal debate between these two is always the same: do we really have to choose between one and the other?

Nobody is forcing us to choose, and in fact I do not believe there is any necessity to do so.

There is no point in working on improving yourself physically if you ignore the state of your soul, or have no respect for your immediate environment or for the wider world.

You will no doubt have heard the expression that the face is the mirror of the mind. It is hard to shine with physical beauty if your inner spirit does not also shine.

In fact, I feel that frivolity is a real counterforce which we who understand Aesthetic Medicine must fight against, if we are to be able to bring out the best in natural beauty.

Wanting to look your best physically so that you feel good about yourself, and feel happy and comfortable in your body is completely different from wanting to look good to flatter your ego and make you feel superior to those around you.

This is why the Arques Clinic is more than an Aesthetic Medicine Clinic; we believe in Responsible Aesthetic Medicine, and our mission is to make your inner beauty shine externally.

Each person who comes to our clinic is a unique person – genuine and individual.  Each one has their own inner light.  This is their real beauty which is what we want to bring out: the real communication of the soul.  This is what generates a really genuine smile.

Do you want to receive an Aesthetic Medicine Treatment in order to feel eternally young and believe that you are more beautiful than the rest?

If this is your goal, please do not come to my clinic.

In the Arques Clinic, we only help to improve the physical or outer beauty of those who are already lovely inside. My satisfaction as a doctor does not come from inflating your ego. My mission is to help you achieve a radiant harmony between your inner worth and what people see from the outside.

You are already beautiful.  And I do mean beautiful!  You are the most beautiful person.  You have a beautiful look in your eyes, your smile is beautiful, your features are beautiful – your whole being is beautiful.

The only thing you need to do is to bring out this beauty, to regain the outer radiance that will reflect what you feel inside, to make you glow with health so that you shine with vitality and light up the life of your loved ones.

“Oh, doctor, I really want to get rid of these frown lines – they make me look so ugly.”

This is what I hear nearly every day. I disagree.

Frown lines do not make you look ugly.  Frown lines and expression lines are signs that you have lived your life.  They are your laughter lines – the footprints of those moments when you roared with laughter, or when you were surprised.  They are the record of a life of emotional experiences.

Is this bad?

Absolutely. So, what do we do in our Aesthetic Medicine treatments? We provide your body with those elements (principally hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin) that it lacks naturally, as its own levels drop over the years, from the age of 25 onwards.

You are beautiful inside. And you will be from the outside.

My mission is to help you protect your beauty.

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