Did you Know that Hyaluronic Acid is a Component in your Body?

Unsure if it’s due to its name which begins with the word “acid”, but the truth is I receive many consultations regarding hyalorunic acid and its application in the aesthetics industry, thus I would like to tell you a little about it.
To begin with, I will let  you know it is fantastic to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally in our body, specifically in organs, skin tissue and cartilages. As we turn older, with time, the percentage of this substance reduces. It is proven, that at the age of 50,  we have half the amount we had at birth.

Which are the consequences of the loss of hyaluronic acid?

Lack of firmness, wrinkles and skin aging.
As it has the capacity to retain and capture water, it makes it interesting, when used as an aesthetic treatment. Amongst the results achieved when applying hyaluronic acid I emphasize on the following:
  • Smoother Skin
  • Less Wrinkles
  • To Reduce the Lines of Expression

Hyaluronic Acid Treatments

This technique is used since the 90’s(although it was discovered in 1934) and is injectable. Don’t be scared, because it doesn’t hurt. Thanks to hyaluronic acid you will be able to return  back to the skin its natural volume and moisture. It is perfect to correct the signs of aging…  you will look and feel younger straight after the first session!
The areas where I recommend to apply hyaluronic acid are:
  • Contour of the Lips
  • Cheekbones
  • Sides of the Nose
  • Around the Mouth
  • Sides of the Eyes
  • Mesotherapy: applied around all the face, as it will irradiate luminosity.

More About Hyaluronic Acid Treatments

Surely you wish to know how the application of hyaluronic acid is carried out to be able to decide to start treatment or not. It is essential you know that only specialized doctors are authorized to follow this technique. Results always depend on the precision in which the material is injected, as well as the quality of the product and by all means the metabolism of the patient (because really it is down to the patient, who must synthesize the substance as if their own.)

This treatment is very simple and fast. After the session, you can go home, and continue with your normal lifestyle, as no anesthesia nor surgical procedure is needed.
Patients say it’s painless, although you may feel some slight disco foros in the area treated, nothing to worry about I can asure you.
The effects are immediate from the first application. This is due to the substance replacing that one which already existed in our body but has been lost with time. You must also know that the effects are not permanent: you will have to return to consultation for a new application.  When? Everything depends on your organism but in average between 9 months to 2 years after the first injection.
Last but not least, bare in mind you might have more sensibility, irritation or redness in the  areas treated with hyaluronic acid, but this will all dissapear within days.
Have you decided then when to start your non invasive treatment and improve the look of your skin?

Regards, Doctor Arques